Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a fairly common condition which occurs in up to 10% of people globally. Despite its common incidence, the exact causes are unknown so the ideal treatment for it has not yet been found. Treatments also vary depending on the individual and thus so do the symptoms they suffer from. IBS can cause symptoms of diarrhea or constipation and the relevant treatment must be applied. There are many suggestions from health professionals and researchers to manage the problem including specific diets or even some medications. Medications can be expensive and they can cause side effects. Natural remedies have also been shown to be quite effective and exhibit less side effects.

One natural remedy is using peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is recommended in online support groups for people who suffer from IBS. Scientific research has also studied the possible effects that peppermint oil may have to alleviate the onset of IBS symptoms. More recent studies have also supported these findings and concluded that peppermint oil is safe for use to treat IBS and that it presents few side effects.

How to take peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is not regulated so proper awareness of how to use it is essential to avoid serious health defects. It is important to understand that some oils may contain large amounts of substances which are toxic if ingested. Peppermint oil should only be taken orally if instructed or approved by a doctor.

There are other ways to take peppermint oil which are safer. Peppermint oil can be inhaled directly or used in a room diffuser.

It can also be applied to the skin especially as a massage oil but this is not recommended unless it is diluted in another oil. It is possible for an individual to be allergic to peppermint oil.

Things to consider about using peppermint oil as a treatment

The main factor to consider about the use of peppermint oil is the reliability of the specific oil you wish to use. There are so many brands made by so many manufacturers out there that it is possible to purchase a product that may actually not work, or worse, harm you.

It is also difficult to determine if this is a cost-effective treatment because of the varying prices of peppermint oils. Very cheap oil may be inferior or harmful but there may also be manufacturers or scammers who overcharge. It would be best to consider purchasing from a manufacturer that provides a wide range of natural products that are reliable based on customer reviews.

How does it all fit in?

Despite the fact that there is some scientific research available, the actual mechanism of how the peppermint oil helps to ward off the symptoms of IBS is still largely unknown. The symptoms and thus the treatment of each patient are so varied that it cannot hurt to try this treatment especially since there is some evidence of its effectiveness. It is highly recommended that this treatment is used in conjunction with regular exercise, a proper diet, avoidance of foods which aggravate the condition and regular consultation with a health professional.

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