What is Physicians Herbal Formula Idiopathic Bowel Pain?

Physicians Herbal Formula Idiopathic Bowel Pain Support is a supplement designed by a US physician who is also educated in Eastern Medicine. It is used to treat recurrent abdominal pain which is accompanied by bloating, constipation or loose stools. These symptoms are typical of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This review focuses on the possible effectiveness of this product and other factors which determine its value for money.


Despite our best efforts of searching through the manufacturer’s site as well as many other sources, we could not find what ingredients are present in this specific product. The manufacturer does provide ingredients for several of their other products though. This particular finding about this product is a very concerning issue for us because it is difficult to determine if this product will be effective or not. Considering that the designer of this product is a physician himself, we also find it quite strange that he refuses to share what the ingredients are and what they do with his customers. All we could determine is that the supplement is comprised of herbs in a clear capsule.


According to the manufacturer, three to four capsules must be taken twice a day. They do not state whether this supplement should be taken with food or not.


One bottle of Physicians Herbal Formula Idiopathic Bowel Pain Support can be purchased through the manufacturer for $32.50. The manufacturer does not offer any deals for buying in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

Considering that the manufacturer does not provide any ingredients, it is not possible to determine the side effects of this product. The manufacturer doesn’t specifically provide any side effects associated with the supplement but it is advised for any potential customers to consult a physician before use of this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is a returns policy for this supplement but only if it is an opened and is returned within 30 days. This is therefore not a satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturer does not provide any evidence of certification from a Current Good Manufacturing Practice facility.

Physicians Herbal Formula Idiopathic Bowel Pain Review – The Bottom Line

There is some credit in the supplement in the fact that it is backed by a trained physician. Apart from that, every other aspect is a major concern for us. The fact that the manufacturer does not provide the ingredients for this supplement shows that it is completely untrustworthy. The directions for use of this product are quite ambiguous and will likely produce varying results. The price is very high considering that one bottle will last between 12 and 15 days and there is no evidence of discounts for buying the products in bulk. Finally, the returns policy of this manufacturer only covers unopened products so this product is quite a risky purchase because customers cannot test it to decide on its effectiveness.

We conclusively believe that there are many products that are far superior to this one for treating the symptoms of IBS. Other manufacturers offer much more information about their products which are far more cost-effective and may even come with a guarantee.

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