What is Body Ecology Assist SI?

This review examines the product Assist SI.  The manufacturers claim that this product can assist in strengthening the intestinal wall; minimising bloating and gas, and the growth of unhelpful bacteria. It assists in regulating bowel movements, and breaking down dairy products. Overall, it helps with digestion of nutrients in the small intestine, containing the enzymes needed by the small intestine. It is claimed that this product can clean and detoxify the small intestine. The manufacturers claim that this product is able to treat symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as well as other conditions.


The formula comprises several enzymes, namely:

  • Pancreatin (8x USP) – This is a digestive enzyme consisting of the enzymes – trypsin, amylase, and lipase (18 000 USP)
  • Protease (80 000 USP) – This enzyme aids the breakdown of proteins
  • Amylase (80 000 USP) – This enzyme helps to break down starch into sugar
  • Lipase (18 000 USP) – This enzyme helps to break down fat molecules
  • Papain (12 000 TU) – This enzyme helps to break down food
  • Bromelain (150 GDU) – This mixture of enzymes helps with the digestion of protein
  • Lipase (alkaline, 50 FIP) – This is an alkaline-based enzyme that breaks down fats
  • Lipase (acid, 500 FIP) – This acid-based enzyme breaks down fats
  • Trypsin (150 USP) & Chymotrypsin (500 USP) ─ These proteases function to break down proteins into amino acids
  • Alpha Galactosidase (150 GALU) – This enzyme helps to breakdown complex sugars in food such as legumes.

Other ingredients include the filler rice extract, and the elements making up the vegetarian capsule.  Although enzymes are useful in assisting with digestion and for gut health, this formula does not contain any oil from herbs, such as peppermint oil, fennel oil, or spices such as ginger root, known to have calming and anti-inflammatory effects on the gut.


The manufacturer recommends a daily 1 to 3 capsules taken with a meal. However, this product should, according to the manufacturer, be combined with two other products, namely their Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes, and their Assist Dairy and Protein capsules. Altogether 7 capsules should be taken daily, provided you are following a healthy diet comprising starches, protein, dairy, and vegetables.


Assist SI is available for purchase online, on the manufacturer’s website, at $39.95 per 90 capsules. This price excludes the shipping fee, and is limited to continental United States. To receive a discount of 5% you must subscribe, which means you will receive this product monthly. Orders originating in California and Missouri automatically incur a sales tax.

Possible Side Effects

This product is dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. However, the manufacturer does warn that this product is not suitable for children. Sufferers from ulcers or gastritis should speak to a doctor before taking this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Despite searching for a manufacturer’s guarantee, none was found. However, a 100% refund is offered provided that the bottle has not been opened, and the product returned within 60 days of purchase. There is a 50% refund given should the bottle be opened. Most importantly, no item may be returned without a merchandise authorization number.

Assist SI Review ─ The Bottom Line

After analyzing Assist SI we found that it comes with minimal health risks, and the reviews have been generally positive. The downside is that there is no discount on bulk orders, unless locked into a subscription. This product only works optimally, when combined with two other products. This treatment therefore becomes pricey compared with other, similar products on the market.

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