What is Matsya Veda Digestion-Pro?

Below is a review on the product Digestion-Pro. The makers of this supplement claim that it can assist the operation of the digestive tract, as well as heal both chronic and sporadic indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gastric concerns, acidity, headaches, mouth ulcers, stomach pain, and constipation.


This natural, herbal supplement product consists of:

  • Harad (121 mg)
  • Methi (61 mg)
  • Dhaniya Sabut (61 mg)
  • Triphula (61 mg)
  • Saunf (24 mg)
  • Black pepper (24 mg)
  • Rose leaves (24 mg)
  • White cumin (12 mg)
  • Black cumin (12 mg)
  • Ajwain (12 mg)
  • Laung (12 mg)
  • Hing (12 mg)
  • Ginger (12 mg)
  • Garlic (61 mg)
  • Black salt (48 mg)
  • Rock salt (24 mg)
  • Aloe vera (48 mg)
  • Sennai (48 mg)
  • Tulsi (24 mg).

In addition, the product was processed in lemon juice and Godhan Ark. Although this product contains anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients such as ginger, it does have a high sodium content from black salt and rock salt.


It is recommended by the manufacturer that 2 capsules be taken twice daily before meals, alternatively, on the advice of your doctor or other health care provider.


Digestion-Pro is available at $3.05 for a bottle consisting of 30 capsules, on the manufacturer’s website. A 10 percent discount is offered on all purchases, but not on any other discounts such as bulk orders. However, the same dietary supplement is available on the third-party site, Amazon, at $9.99 per 60 capsules, plus a shipping fee of $4.49. This product is imported from India.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturers of this supplement state that their product is free from side-effects. However, the high sodium content would require approval from a doctor for people with hypertension. Prospective buyers should check the ingredients for any they may be allergic or even sensitive to.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Despite searching for the manufacturer’s guarantee, we were unable to find any. Nor were we able to find a return policy. The buyer therefore takes a risk with this dietary supplement.

Digestion-Pro Review ─ The Bottom Line

Digestion-Pro, by the manufacturer Matsya Veda, may be a useful supplement which supports IBS sufferers and promotes better digestion. Its price is also attractive. However, there are some concerns ─ firstly, the lack of a guarantee, and no return policy. Secondly, some of the ingredients are questionable. To demonstrate the questionable ingredients in this dietary supplement – sennai acts as a laxative; salt raises the blood pressure. Thirdly, this dietary supplement item may only be purchased online. Although this may very well be an effective product, there are others on the market that come with guarantees and better ingredients.

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