What are Professional Nutritionals’ IBS Capsules?

The following is a review of IBS Capsules. The manufacturer claims that the goal of this supplement is to support the intestinal lining, normal bowel functioning, to support healthy digestive functioning, and to offer support against inflammation.


4 capsules would offer the following:

  • L-Glutamine (2000 mg) – This amino acid supports intestinal health. Tissues in the intestine use this element as a fuel source for optimal functioning
  • N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine (400 mg) – Sourced from the outer shells of shellfish, this monosaccharide assists with the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Licorice (as DGL, 400 mg) ─ Licorice helps control stomach spasms, lessens inflammation, soothes and protects the intestines
  • Calendula flower (100 mg) ─ This ingredient helps to calm irritation and inflammation, and to improve bowel movements
  • Marshmallow root powder (100 mg) ─ This powder helps calm irritation and inflammation, regulating bowel movements
  • Slippery-elm bark powder (100 mg) ─ This ingredient helps regulate the bowel, whether chronic constipation or chronic diarrhea
  • Ginger root powder (100 mg) – This spice contains digestive enzymes that assist in relieving nausea and the intestinal cramps from diarrhea. It also has mild anti-inflammatory properties to ease abdominal pain and discomfort.

Other ingredients include gelatin, water, and rice flour. This natural formula contains ingredients that soothe and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the gut.


The manufacturer recommends that 4 capsules be taken daily. However, no information is given about what time of the day, nor whether to take them with a meal or on an empty stomach, or simply with a glass of water.


IBS Capsules by Professional Nutritionals sell at $34.00 per 120 capsules. This product may not be purchased directly from the manufacturer. A doctor’s referral code is required unless for licensed practitioners. Practitioners can register online, on the company website. The product is only sold within the United States and sent to no destinations outside of the US. The company offers no discounts on bulk orders.

Possible Side Effects

The information on this product is sparse. However, there are certain risks associated with some of the ingredients used in the formula. Firstly, N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine is sourced from crab shrimp, therefore unsuitable for people with a shellfish allergy. Furthermore, our research has found that this element can increase the risk of asthma. It can raise blood-sugar levels in people with diabetes; and it may interfere with blood-sugar control during surgery. This ingredient should not be taken 2 weeks before any surgery. In addition, the capsule contains gelatin, therefore is unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians.  The manufacturer has not made it clear whether the gelatin is certified mad-cow-disease free.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Despite the company stating that they guarantee the purity and quality of the ingredients, we were unable to find any further information on consumer rights, nor were we able to find information on their return policy. Furthermore, our research has found that reviews on this product are lacking.

IBS Capsules Review – The Bottom Line

IBS can be a debilitating illness to live with. Having a product such as IBS Capsules does bring some hope for people with this condition, or with a leaky gut, assisting the return to some regularity. The all-natural ingredients in the formula are geared at soothing and helping the gut to function normally. This supplement would have to be recommended by a doctor. However, the information about this product is neither clear nor succinct. There are few reviews of the product, whether positive or negative, indicating its efficacy. Moreover, no discounts are available, and some of the ingredients can lead to allergy attacks.

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